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Jul 22

Orb Grid

Faux 3D animation of flying across a grid of orbs in space. No JavaScript. Feel free to fork and tinker with the Sass variables.
Jun 26

Twitter Cards with WordPress

Last time I gave you the rundown on how to use Twitter Cards. I covered everything you needed to manually add the markup to your pages, but if you run a WordPress blog (like this one), you probably want something more automated. Of course, there are WordPress plugins to do this for you. I was...
Jun 21

How to Add Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards help your pages stand out by adding an image and text blurb to any tweets that link to them. The results are more engaging than a plain text tweet, hopefully inviting more click-throughs. For example, take this picture of happy toast I drew a few years back: For whatever reason, I’ve decided to...
May 8

Amplify EOI 2012

Badge logo for an initiative where I used to work. Made into t-shirts. Originally created May 6, 2012.
Jun 24

Aurora Bridge

Quick shot of the Aurora Bridge, overlooking Lake Union.