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Oct 31

Via Twitter Web Client

Trying to write sweet 5 year anniversary note to wife. Accidentally imply divorce in 5 years and then misspell "love". I suck at this.
Oct 31

Web Fish Daily Retrospective

One month ago, I launched Web Fish Daily. Today, 31 days and 124 links later, was my last day updating the site. I had a great time working on the project. As mentioned before, it was something that let me play around and learn new stuff. But the time/benefit ratio just wasn’t there. As the...
Oct 25

Centering CodePen Screenshots

I like to center my CodePens, horizontally and vertically. I think it makes for better presentation than just letting things fall to the top left corner. Generally, it’s not hard to do, and there are several ways to do it. The Problem But there’s a wrinkle. A screenshot is auto-generated for every CodePen. This screenshot...
May 8

Amplify EOI 2012

Badge logo for an initiative where I used to work. Made into t-shirts. Originally created May 6, 2012.
Jun 24

Aurora Bridge

Quick shot of the Aurora Bridge, overlooking Lake Union.