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Oct 16

Played: Infinity

By Amurai featuring Rough Duchess from the album Once Upon A Night, Vol. 2.
Oct 15

Web Fish Daily

Interactive SVG logo. The fish follows your cursor. Drawn by @jonitrythall. See him in his natural habitat: Web Fish Daily.
Oct 8

Building Web Fish Daily

I recently launched a new site: Web Fish Daily. It is, more or less, a curated selection of front-end web dev links, updated daily, wrapped in a simple and friendly presentation. I figured it would be a great way to stay on top of things and help others do the same. Besides that, I just...
Jul 22

Orb Grid

Faux 3D animation of flying across a grid of orbs in space. No JavaScript. Feel free to fork and tinker with the Sass variables.
Jun 26

Twitter Cards with WordPress

Last time I gave you the rundown on how to use Twitter Cards. I covered everything you needed to manually add the markup to your pages, but if you run a WordPress blog (like this one), you probably want something more automated. Of course, there are WordPress plugins to do this for you. I was...
May 8

Amplify EOI 2012

Badge logo for an initiative where I used to work. Made into t-shirts. Originally created May 6, 2012.
Jun 24

Aurora Bridge

Quick shot of the Aurora Bridge, overlooking Lake Union.